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The door closes with a pneumatic hiss, and I am finally alone with him. This is the moment I have fought for, the moment I insisted on. Yet now that is here I can do nothing but stare.
He is just a little bit plump, with a dimple off center in his right cheek and the kind of gaze that makes you want to weep at how beautiful it is. That gaze is directed at me, piercing in its innocent intensity. He is so focused on me that it seems like we are both getting the measure of each other.

A tiny part of me wonders if he is committing me to memory like I am him, if I will be a mystery he will always carry with him.

He is a bit red from the exertions of the day-exertions we share, and I almost chuckle at the stirring of…

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’76 Review


RELEASED 2016Directed by: IZU OJUKWU


Army officer Captain Joseph Dewa, (by Ramsey Nouah) and his wife Suzy (byRita Dominic) are expecting their first child. 

They both come from different cultural backgrounds and this causes problems because Suzy’s parents don’t approve of their relationship. In addition to this, Captain Joseph is being pursued by soldiers who want him to help with a coup. 

As hard as Joseph tries to avoid getting involved in the coup (the assassination of 1976) he’s unfortunately trapped and might be facing the firing squad while his child is being born.

This story is about the assassination of Gen. Murhitala Muhammed was after his murder was martyred and had the Lagos international airport named after him, and until today, his face graces our 20naira note. 

Izu OJUKWU has done well with this movie which I heard was shot on a 16mm film. It doesn’t look like most of the low quality movies we have been blessed with in the past. 

And when you consider the costumes, deliveries of Ramsey Nouah and Rita Dominic, you won’t be surprised why this movie happens to be the biggest in the upcoming AMVCA, nominated for 12 categories. 
I think this was an important story to be told and while it doesn’t delve completely into the historic of how Gen M. Muhammed was assassinated, but focuses more on Joseph Dewa and his wife, it is just as educating as it is entertaining without trying too hard to impress. Izu Ojukwu achieved this honestly and with dedication.

Thumbs up to the fact that this movie meets up with as many international standards you wish to assess it with.
Thumbs up to Ramsey Nouah and Rita Dominic for a job done calmly and perfectly. Quite frankly, I can’t imagine someone else playing those roles. 
The costumes were hundred percent from the uniforms and accepted army haircuts, to Suzy’s hair!
Also, Ramsey’s belly dancing neighbor deserves a movie of her own. 

A large part of the movie is drowned in the soundtrack. And from time-to-time, you can’t hear what the characters are saying and even though I had an idea of what was happening, I feel vital character connections are missed because of this and, in turn, many moments became confusing.
The pacing is sluggish, especially in the first act.
Regardless of the minor flaws, this movie is amazing, and I’m sure it will be a big winner in the upcoming AMVCAs


Nigerian Music Scene -Worst Lyrics of All Time


Music is beautiful. It’s made up of rhythmic flows and arrangements that lift your spirit. 

And the lyrics? Happy or Sad, they either express your mood, or take you out of a sour one. 
O well, Used to.

Nigerians following the new “Afrobeats” are now resigned to looking out for songs as long as the beats make us dance, because virtually everyone has given up on the lyrics. 

Just imagine how we see very few Nigerian songs on MTV baselines or Lyrics on the go. And when we do, we are embarrassed to see “Iye ye ye… Aaah…. Oooh” 
And why not? Check out some of the ones that top the worst lyrics list:


 Free Madness 2 – 

” Raba raba chop chop Ista top chop chop Rubu rubu rub chop Osto chop Free Me!!!! Raba raba chop chop ista chop chop Free Me Now!!! Free Me Now!!! Free Me Now!!!”

 Chaiiiii……… I wish someone would set his creativity free.


 Omo Mummy –

” Check my phone E be Bb 10 he be bb” 

Tchelete –

“Con chop moringa,dance like a ballerina”

 Davido has many more but these two… SMH


Ko Le Ye Won – 

“Someone is knocking on my door ko ko ko. Someone is knocking on my shoe/shit”

 Kukere Remix – 

“From lagos to london ,she shake her bombom”
Blame it on the money-

“Money is important.Stew is Pepper “

 Kcee – 

” I be Monkey,You be Banana, i will give u ( meaning the banana) ,anything that u wanna. “

Duro –

“Your Beauty make me Realise,Shey Nepa no bring light “

I won’t bring up the cassava lyric in Pana. The world knows it’s just so absurd
Skales ft Reekado banks


Wonder – 

“Am hot,My head has Burn”

Maybe Skales should have taken a shower before completing this song.

   My Woman, My Everything – 

“woman you proper

woman you straight

man ya bold and ya generate treat

waiting for you was never too late

remember that you are the food ina the plate

i am coming in the game

i dey piss on concrete

i will never lose faith

for making you me soul mate

get this one straight

say i’m your mate

no matter how dem girl

dem can take you any date”

Reggae is awesome but it’s so hard to process these lines.
Iceberg Slim ft. Banky W

Too Much Money – 

“I throw money in the air Skye Bank”

Banks don’t throw money around. I don’t know if Skye bank has that much money.

Elbow Room – 

“You got the lime and the torchlight. Limelight. ”

Er… Mode9 is a self acclaimed lyricist but not all the time.

There are so many weird lines that didn’t make the list but for all it’s worth, these lyrics are definitely the worst.
Thank God though, there are awesome Nigerian lyrics out there that save us from these headaches.

 Beyoncé- Now Osun Worshipper?


  Over the years, artists, musicians and all other public figures have been linked with various conspiracy theories . 

Remember some of us even believe some Nigerian Artists are tied to the Illuminati? 
Well this shouldn’t come to you as a surprise
Over the years, artists have always been known to seek spirituality and other forms of divinity.

 From Madonnas link with Kaballah, Tom Cruise and Scientology, even Micheal Jackson was said to have joined the Synagogue church at some point. 

Now, Beyonce! 

Beyoncé hasn’t kept it a secret from us, that she has always had a hard time with conceiving and child bearing 

In her HBO film, she had these to say 

‘I envisioned what my child would look like.. I was feeling very maternal.’
She lost the child in the early stages of her pregnancy.

‘I flew back to New York to get my check up – and no heartbeat,’
she says.

‘Literally the week before I went to the doctor, everything was fine, but there was no heartbeat.’

and even until today, the birth of her first baby Blue-Ivy Carter remains shrouded in mystery. There were rumors that she hired someone to carry the pregnancy, and that she faked her pregnancy. 

But this time, it is different.

She is showing off the pregnancy as best as she can and even till April 2017 when she will be heavily pregnant, it’s been rumored that Beyoncé will be performing in coachella. 

Like why would she need to do that? 

Bey who we all know is a private person..

She doesn’t need the money.

 Jay z doesn’t need the money

Blue Ivy already has her own thriving business line.

But in honour of Osun diety, Beyoncé has to do it because of what Osun has done for her. 

In many artistic representations, Oshun is depicted in gold, semi-nude bikinis with elaborate headdresses

Osun is the goddess of fertility and the mother of twins and the Yorubas are known all over the world as tribe with the highest number of twin babies .

It’s no surprise she is pregnant with twins.

But Bey has been into Osun way before this pregnancy. 

She represented the mother goddess of love in her song “Hold up” remember?


And remember the Osun face painting and local beads? 

Face painting and Osun are so unique and spiritual you cannot just put it all aside. 

Beyoncé couldn’t  have simply Carried out a research on the next artistic African godess to appropriate and then coincidentally she gets pregnant. 

It more like she sought out the Osun deity, paid homage and then got her twin baby reward. 

Say what you may, this theory isn’t far fetched because day in day out, many women seek out Osun for babies. And this goddess is reverred not only in Nigeria but also in Brazil and Puertorico. To name a few places. 

Quite frankly, as long as Bey isn’t calling herself Osun, she can borrow our culture for her art as much as sh

The Wedding Party: Highest Grossing Nollywood Movie. Why??


  “The Wedding Party” romantic comedy has now grossed over N400 million within 3 months and the producers are smiling to bank for their historical feat of making the highest grossing movie in Nollywood, with only a budget of N60 million in Nigeria, where there have been street protests against the federal government over the suffering of millions of poor Nigerians due to the harsh effects of the economic recession. If I were the producer, I would be dancing shoki too.

What’s more amazing is the fact that this movie achieved this ground breaking feat despite such dire economic conditions. It makes one wonder, how much they would have raked in if not for the recession. 

That being said, I still wonder what makes The wedding party so unique that it beats amazing and expensive productions like Last Flight To Abuja, and Ije which had foreign actors, foreign sets, and was released when the economy was fairly conducive. 

Could it be the Cast?  

Who wouldn’t want to see the amazing handsome Banky W play a loving groom? And probably serenade us with his voice? Or the sexiest Nigerian grand daddy at the moment . We all love to see RMD on our screens. 

Or the sexy line up of all the beautiful nollywood actresses we have come to love?

Take note of the fact that all the key players, from RMD, Shola Shobowale and Iretiola Doyle only reprised role they are familiar with and we have come to love them for over the years.

…or could it be the Director? 

Just take a look at the set, and tell me you don’t catch the unique vibes of Kemi Adetibas amazing history of Music video making. If you ask me, The wedding party could have been an extended version of Wizkids “pakurumo” or T.W.Os “mogbo moya” Remember that video? Good times.

Even though this movie would be Kemis directorial debut, she nailed it. Could be because most of the actors were hardly challenged by their roles, but it worked and that’s what matters. 

...could it be because it was released at TIFF in Canada ? 

Well, Half of A Yellow Sun was released at the Toronto Festival also and quite frankly, it didn’t make this much buzz. 

…could it be the story?

The wedding party is a simple sentimental blackmail. You know, those stories that make you awwwwn, and shed a tear because we love love, no matter how many times we have seen the story before. 

A virgin bride , and inter ethnic marriage and a loving groom despite all odds setups and temptations. 

Don’t forget the “mogbo-moya” wedding crasher played by Saka. 

It made a complete package for a sentimental Nigerian state of mind that also loves a good dose of laughter. Don’t forget we also love to party and we can relate with a top notch owambe. 

The Wedding Party is a big deal. It’s totally worth the hype. Even though the bride could use some hot slaps. 


Top 4 Hollywood Movies Showing This February


1. The Batman Lego Movie
Release Date: February 10, 2017
Genre: Fantasy and Action
2017 is awesome already, and this is probably the best February in a while, releasing so many amazing movies in the same week.
Remember the huge success Lego movie was and how Batman was just a character in it? Well, This Lego movie centers around Batman. It was basically built up on all the known batman facts. As expected, Batman hates Superman, Robin works extra hard, Alfred is the worlds best butler, and The Joker wants to take over Gotham.
Lego Movie built up this Batman character so well, you might find yourself comparing him to Christian Bale and Ben Affleck, when deciding who your favorite Batman is.
The trailers are absolutely hilarious an you should check them out.
I promise you will laugh your ribs out.

2.A United Kingdom
Release Date: February 2017
Genre: Drama, Romance

All the movies on this list are sequels except for A United Kingdom.
This beautiful love story is a true life story with a Disney flavor to it. It is complete with a handsome prince and a beautiful and simple woman who fall in love and have to fight against all odds to stay together. It is the true story of the Prince of Botswana Seretse Kharma who fell in love with Ruth Williams who was a clerk, and a white woman.

The story talks about racism, and societal intolerance.

3.John Wick: Chapter 2
Release Date: February 10, 2017
Genre: Crime/Thriller


Our favorite pissed off, grieving, blood spilling, pistol cocking, perfect in a suit hero dog lover is back!

Okay, so in this second part, John gets a new dog, and decides to life his simple monolithic life, mourning his precious wife.

But that would only last 30 minutes because a quiet life was probably not written in John Wicks destiny. Before you know it, an old friend comes knocking, asking for a favor… Of the killing kind ofcourse!
So we are taken to Rome, and homeless shelters, and the boutique of a high profile suit maker who specializes in Suits for Killers! Lol!

I really expect as usual, breathtaking action. I don’t know if it will take the same domino effect as the first one, but hey, Our favorite assasin is back!!
And he’s back with amazing Ruby Rose, Lawrence Fishbourne, Common, etc

4.Fifty Shades Darker
Release Date: February 10, 2017
Genre: Drama Film/ Romance


Christian Grey is back! And he is just as kinky, mysterious and romantic as ever. And what better time to release this movie than a season when love is in the air.
Wee since E.L. James released her erotic romance novel in 2012, this story has met so many strong and passionate reactions both positive and negative. The movie has so much shock value to deserve these reactions. With a large following of female fans all around the world, the cinemas will definitely be packed full with lovers on valentines day, trooping in to see this movie sequel.
Christian Grey is willing to do all he can to win Anastatia back, and while Anastatia has to battle ugly secrets rearing their ugly heads, she draws her own Agreement, Terms & Conditions. In the end, love conquers all .



Directed by:  DESMOND ELLIOT

A young man comes to Nigeria, with his American girlfriend for two reasons… To launch his dance career, and also, to serve his country. Also, there’s a village girl, who is awfully tormented by the spirit of dance, and who refused to become the priestess of her village… They meet, and events unfold.

This is a movie that gave me a lot to hope for, when I saw the trailer… but is that not all movie trailers for you?

I don’t like this movie one bit. Its almost boring. Apart from cinematography, its nothing to write home about. Thank God Bryan is such a good actor, else, we would have been left with Ini Edo and her poor performance.
I’ve heard people trash Ini Edo’s acting, and I always say she’s smart, pretty, with a perfect skin. All she needs is lip gloss, and she’s good to go. I’ve seen her in many movies, I don’t know why she took to acting like a primary five student on school’s drama day. All I could see were her eyes.

Throughout the movie, she just sashayed about, in beautiful prints, almost without purpose. I mean… what’s her story?
The story doesn’t do it for me at all… except for the expository aspect of the beauty of African dance, I don’t get it.
As if the plot wasn’t poor enough, they came and wasted Sam Loko Efe’s time in a terrible ending… I mean, so all the trouble was for what? Maltina Family Dance All?

To all the dance scenes. It was amazing seeing the dances.

Costumes and make up were really cool. I really appreciate that.

To Bryan Okwara, for being a great actor in a weak story

I can’t get over the fact that all that scenery, and all the costumes, was just for them to make light of customs and culture. The movie made it seem as if the only cultural thing worth carrying along into the new civilization was dance.

The movie was going well despite all the weak links until it culminated to a really weak end.

I’ll TAKE MY CHANCES IS A REALLY WEAK STORY, and I can’t lie about that